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Airways Trivia (Beginners Edition) 200 Card Trivia Game

Airways Trivia (Beginners Edition) 200 Card Trivia Game

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A trivia game for airline, aviation and airport fans. This is a game that is perfect for hours of playing trivia with family and friends. Perfect to play on the plane or at the airport waiting for your flight. Fits in your carry-on as they are the side of a deck of cards and 4 decks deep. Weighs just under 1 pound.

There are 200 cards/trivia questions in the box. Each with a trivia question. You get 2 points if you answer without the help of the options. or get 1 point if you need the help of the 4 options offered on the card. .

No board to haul out or carry. The game length is what ever you want You can play to a given point total, say 25 points. Or you can play for the given time length say 30 minutes where most points at the end wins. Or you can play through the entire deck and most points at the end wins. Your choice.

If you think you really know aviation and airline trivia then check out our Airways Trivia Geek Edition. A serious challenge to your airline/aviation trivia knowledge.

Available exclusively online from and also available at the DFW Employee Store by Gate C2 at the DFW Airport and online at

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